Laser Treatment Prices

Tattoo Removal Prices Small £65.00
These prices are estimates and for a correct price please enquire for a consultation and patch test. Medium £125.00
Large £180.00
Extra Large £240.00
Please enquire to find out which size category your tattoo is in – 


Semi Permanent Make Up Removal One Eyebrow £40.00 per treatment
Both Eyebrows £65.00 per treatment
For any other semi-permanent removal prices please enquire.


Pigmentation Removal Treatments Age Spot Removal
Prices on these treatments are dependant on size/quantity so please enquire
for a consultation and patch test for a correct price per treatment.
Freckle Removal
Birthmark Removal
Removal of Black & Blue Nevus of Ota


Carbon Laser Facial £85 per treatment

Clients are politely asked to ensure they arrive on time for their appointments as other clients are booked in for specific time slots therefore it is unfair for them to wait due to delayed clients.

*All deposits are non refundable
*Deposit amounts will be marked against final payment of final appointment.
*Should an appointment be missed without 48 hours notice, a new deposit will be required to secure future appointments.


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